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About milehighhouse

milehighhouse.net  THE NETWORK.

Together we are a pool of talent that provides music, event coordination, record releases, CD duplication, TV production, web design, graphic design, and fun.

It all came together on January 31st 1999 through Tom Hoch, Doug Cavender (Ilk) and Brian Cavender (Seafoam). We had all been DJ’ing and producing for over ten years on our own, but we realized the strength we could have if we all joined to create a force for change in the dance scene, which hardly existed. We went to all of the best talent in CO’s music world and asked them to join forces and resources with each other under the name milehighhouse productions.

We organized a website, made a bunch of funny stickers and t-shirts, had a few meetings, put our logo and card in everybody’s hand and continued to rock it in as many places as possible. We started a few unique events and continued successful club nights. Everybody in the music scene in Colorado really got to know each other better and ideas started flowing. We realized that talking about each other, collaborating and promoting each other would be the key to our success.

Our main focus at first was exposure for our producer talent. Live PAs were our first order of business and getting our music on other labels was the primary task. We had many friends in the underground music world and put as much material as possible in as many hands and ears as we could. We had strong support in San Francisco, LA, New York, Chicago parts of the UK and Canada. We stayed consistent and persistent and we now collectively have around 20 different singles out on successful labels such as Guidance, Grayhound, Imperial Dub, ING Recordings, Toko, Tequila Sound, Straylight , Terraform Records, Lo-Rise Recordings, Totem Records, and Village Records, Wagon Repair and OM Records.

This success is due to very strong friendships, collaborations, and respect for each other’s music. Our first EP on milehighhouse recordings,” Ilk’s ep3″ was released in early 2003 and our first full length album, “Out of Thin Air - Vol. 1″ was releasesd in 2003. Our main mission with milehighhouse recordings is to showcase a different flavor and come in a little on the eclectic, heady side of things.

In 2004 milehighhouse was one of the first exclusive labels on Beatport.com and since has over 35 releases.  You can check out our catalog on the beatport site here, https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/label/detail/304/Milehighhouse or preview on this site under releases.

We organize successful events for mainstream audiences as well. We’ve created a events that no one two years ago would have thought possible. We produced the second stage for the Red Bull Rock’n air show at Red Rocks Amphitheater. We did grand openings for the Denver skate park, Diesel clothes store in Cherry Creek, Hapa Sushi restaurants, Museum of Contemporary Arts in Denver and in Boulder. We organized the first all CO talent party for the Winter Music Conference 2001 at the Clevelander Hotel in Miami Beach. We threw another event at WMC in 2003 called ‘A Fun Day’ with big name talent like John Howard, Rick Preston, Anita Lofton, Deep House Souldiers and more. We created the Mile High Tea Parties that ran an amazing 32 months in a row. We’ve done multiple art openings, retail parties, in store appearances, upscale private events and down and dirty basement sessions.

In the past 10 years we have developed milehighhouse as a recognizable and trusted brand in the Colorado music scene.   In the next few months leading up to our 10th anniversary we will be adding and expanding onto this new website to include more of what the local scenes have to offer in the fields of art, fashion, lifestyle and general cool culture.
Welcome to milehighhouse.net.  THE Network.
Feel free to send any comments on the site or to hoch@milehighhouse.net